Would you drive your car blindfolded?

How long would you last before you crashed whilst driving blindfolded? The answer is obviously not long.  Even if you knew the road and drove it every day you’d still crash within a short distance.

Yet hundreds of thousands of small business owners run their business’s exactly like that because they have no optics on their financials. No optics, no direction, no destination!

You don’t have to wait a year to get your numbers!

It amazes me that the majority of accountants simply complete a client’s tax returns around May the year AFTER the end of the previous tax year.  That’s at least 11 months after the tax year is over and it could be 23 months after the first month of operation for that financial year- that’s just crazy!

Does that make sense?  Well it’s like driving blindfolded …and it’s no wonder so many businesses go bust trying to drive their business that way.

So what’s the solution?

At Finness Advisory we can produce a Profit & Loss statement (P&L) for you within days of the end of every month and we also have quarterly reporting and advisory so you know exactly where you’re going at all times.

Just like a GPS system for your business

It’s like having a GPS system for your business so you know where you’re going at all times and you can make better, more accurate decisions with an accounting partner you can trust.

I can show you your income, expenses and profit, and profit (EBIT $) as a percentage of income (EBIT %) every month so you know exactly where you’re going at all times. And if there’s a speed bump, we can navigate it together to ensure you make your destination safely.

If you want to have a chat about creating a GPS system for your business, simply complete a few details below and I’ll do the rest.


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