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Business Start-Up Strategy Session

Always Start With A Business Strategy!

We were a start-up once, too. That means we understand your challenges — and how to overcome them. Let us be your business planning consultant, supporting you with the right advice to start your small business on the right foot.

Our start-up strategy sessions focus on business planning, business registration and budgeting for success. We want to set you up properly, so you can hit the ground running!

We’ll simplify all the technical tax jargon and explain everything in plain English. Once you understand basic accounting principles, you’ll be better equipped to make educated business decisions!

Proactive Tax Planning

As a new business owner, you will have to grapple with some new tax regulations that you may not be familiar with. In the strategy session, our business planning consultants will shed some light on what the ATO expects from you as a business owner and how to put you in the driver’s seat. Many people don’t get this advice until the first or second year in business — but that might be too late, as the money may already be spent and tax deductions lost!

It’s important to understand this from day one, so you can set money aside and know how to maximise your tax deductions along the way. You don’t want to be donating extra money to the government. You’ll need this money to grow your business.

Let’s go through a proven system that not only ensures you set your taxes aside regularly but will also enable you to take profits from your business consistently. Start your business right!

Seamless Accounting Software

Using digital solutions to make the life of business owners easier is what we’re all about! In fact, we were voted 2021 Digital Pioneer at The Stirling Small Business awards recently because we value seamless digital accounting and know how much freedom and confidence this gives to our clients.

Our business planning consultants will go through what accounting software we recommend, which will set you up for success by:

  • Saving you time. Don’t spend hours buried In paperwork. It’s 2022 and accounting is easy!
  • Knowing your numbers. Ensure you always have your finger on the pulse when it comes to the financial health of your business.
  • Understanding financial positioning. Capture all the relevant data so you are maximising your deductions

Choose Your Business Structure

Many small businesses start as a sole trader. However, this might not be the best structure for your business as you grow, and it could be a headache to change structures in the future.

Let’s start with the end in mind and discuss the pros and cons of the different available business structures, how you can pay less tax in the future, and prepare your business for future growth opportunities.

Are you thinking BIG enough? This is what our business planning consultants will ask at our small business strategy session. Setting up your business properly is the key to succeeding and exceeding your sales goals!

It’s time to set up your business for success:

Business Start-up Strategy Session Includes:

  • A 90-minute consultation with a business expert
  • Small business planning tools
  • Advice on the best ways to set up your structure to minimise tax and grow your business
  • Insights and recommendations on accounting software to track your business performance so you always have your finger on the pulse
  • Tax obligations and tips on how to stay on top of your tax situation so you can sleep well at night

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We would love to be your small business planning consultants for a day, helping you focus on what really matters to you so you can grow your business — with higher profits, less tax, and greater peace of mind.

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