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Moving back to Ireland from Australia?

Don’t get caught out with tax!

The Irish Expat Tax Workshop is designed to teach you your obligations so you can move safely and with peace of mind. Created by a taxation expert who has literally lived the process.

If you have assets in Ireland and/or Australia, you may be wondering…

  • What plans do you need to make before your tax residency changes?
  • Should you sell everything before you go?
  • Are there any tax concessions and exemptions you’re eligible for?
  • Is there a way to reduce your tax liabilities?
  • How does your final tax return work?
  • What happens to your super?
  • Is there an ideal month of the year to relocate to minimise my tax?
  • And what happens if you decide to come back?

Not planning could cost you thousands

Going back home to Ireland is a big move, and a big decision. I know, because I’ve been there.You’ve worked hard to build up wealth, like property equity, in Australia. Don’t put it all at risk now.

To protect yourself, you need to understand the tax laws for both countries, and how the double taxation agreement works. The concessions and pitfalls for your assets such as property, shares and superannuation. And what it all means for your tax residency.

I created this Irish Tax Expat Workshop to help as many people as possible relocate back home without the stress and frustration of losing their hard-earned money unnecessarily.

In just 2 hours, you’ll gain a clear understanding of the various tips and traps that you need to be aware of with your investment assets, so you can make informed decisions. And if you do decide to return to Australia, you’ll have everything in place.

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Go home with peace of mind

The Irish Tax Expat Workshop includes:

  • A 2-hour workshop deep dive to understand your goals, needs, and objectives
  • One-on-one access to an Irish and Australian tax expert
  • Review of the ATO tax implications that apply to your situation and any exemptions and concessions available
  • Review of the Revenue tax consequences based on your objectives
  • A look at how the double taxation agreement between Ireland and Australia applies to you
  • Personalised recommendations and options
  • A step-by-step tax checklist before your move, including banks, superannuation and ATO notices

All this for a tax-deductible investment of only $1,650.

Book now and you’ll also get a FREE review of your recent personal income tax return to ensure you haven’t missed any critical tax deductions.

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Let us help you

We all have to pay taxes. But there’s no reason to lose more than you need to. Understanding your tax situation in one country is difficult enough, and two can get complex, fast. But we’re here to guide you.

This is what we know, and we’ll help you make the best possible decisions for your circumstances. And potentially, save you $’000s in tax.

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