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The expert financial management offered by chief financial officers isn’t solely for big corporations with deep pockets.

Modern technology allows for more and more businesses to take advantage of virtual CFO services, giving your business tailored guidance at the fraction of the cost of an in-house financial controller. Over half of small businesses fail in the first three years of operation, often due to an inability to figure out a model that turns a profit. With a virtual CFO, Perth businesses have a distinct advantage over the competition.

What is a virtual CFO?

A virtual CFO is the same person you would hire to be a full-time, on-site CFO but without the need to find office space and add an employee to your payroll. And a virtual CFO comes without the high wage costs — in fact, it’s only a fraction.
Your virtual CFO can help you make good financial decisions to save you time and money, ensure you’re on track to meet your financial goals and identify any areas of opportunity for your business. You’ll have an expert resource at hand to actively monitor key measurables and cash flow issues, plus offer invaluable advice to optimise your operation.

Advantages of our virtual CFO

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Help your business grow

As your CFO, we’ll help set you apart from the competition and find a profitable business model that works. But beyond that, we’ll work through the year to create budgets and forecasts, pinpoint unnecessary spending, and offer expert insight based on analytics. Need a second opinion on signing that contract, or advice on a strategy you’re crafting? We’ll act as a sounding board for your financial decisions, with proactive advice along the way to keep you at the top of your game.

Help you save money

Cloud software and meeting tech lets us work remotely to deliver you all the benefits of a chief financial controller at a fraction of the cost. Having a virtual CFO on your team holds you accountable, ensuring financial decisions are not only compliant but savvy and conducive to your business goals. By identifying problem spending and oversights now, we can help set up strategies for your business to enjoy major wins in the future.

Multi-industry expertise

Not only are virtual CFO costs lower, but you also get the benefit of an expert who has worked in many niches and industries. That means we can guide your business based on prior experience, plus we have a tangible metric for assessing progress and setting goals. The result is more nuanced and layered insights to put your business ahead.

Monitor financial health

Our team can check on your cash flow in real-time, actively monitoring your key measurables and cash flow issues. Add in our broad understanding of the market, based on decades of experience, and we can make educated estimates and forecasts. Plus, you’ll be saving time on bookkeeping and all the resources you’d otherwise be spending monitoring your finances yourself.

A full suite of services

Just like the in-house counterpart, a virtual CFO offers all manner of financial services depending on your business needs. From securing bank loans, cloud accounting and financial modelling to back-office functions like managing accounts ledgers, generating key reports and internal system optimisation, whatever your business needs, our virtual CFO services will provide.

Many small businesses are just as in need of financial guidance as larger organisations. It’s an opportunity to view your business through an objective lens and make big-picture decisions to increase revenue.

Through a combination of practical knowledge, cloud software and data analytics, Finness Advisory will guide your business to the best possible decisions.

Take the stress out of finance. Let’s chat about Perth virtual CFO services today!

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